August 23, 2009

to my almost unintended

I’m not too cool to be true.

I’m not overly sensitive.

I just feel a lot.

And no, my hair is not perfect.

I do listen to Megadeth every now and then. And I still think that LP was a good idea.

My voice sounds so empty.

I deal with my issues in my own particular way.

I smoke because it makes me think of you.

I don’t wear high heels to seem taller, but to make you drool silently.

I bite my lips in anger, just to feel the pain while you’re giving me lectures.

I’ll never cry in front of you cos my mascara would run down and I’d look so cheap and slutty.

Sometimes I do act the drama queen but even to me that’s a bit too much. That’s when I fall again.

I was supposed to marry a perfect guy but who needs perfection?

Ask me what I want!

I’ll spell it to you.

I want to taste my own kind.

I want to watch you lose control.

I want the exact same thing… but different.

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