June 16, 2013

I'm here

I almost hated you that day. But I knew you were right. And I knew I could sit there and cry forever. I was at my lowest but you didn’t judge me.

-          -  You still love him after all these years…
-          -   Uhum..
-          -  After everything he’s put you through?
-          -  
   -  He’s a fucker!!! Can’t you see? And you're such a pushu!

Hearing you at the other end of the line today was painful. I wish there was a way I could help you go through this. But death has its own rules. Death is a fucker. It never asks permission, it just takes people's lives for granted. With a big grin.

I'm here, pushu. I know you can't read this but when you're ready I'll bake you crumble pies and make tons of ginger lemonade. And I'll sit there and I'll let you cry and I won't judge. Because we're friends, above all.

I'm here.

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